‘TTPD’ Upside Down Is Irish for “Reputation”—No, This Is Not a Drill

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We already know that Taylor Swift is a mastermind who takes delight in leaving Easter eggs for her fans, but things have leveled up in a way we truly didn’t know was possible. As you might have noticed, Taylor has been using the acronym TTPD to talk about her album The Tortured Poets Department. And she employed a very specific font to do so:

Taylor Swift

There wasn’t initially that much digging on Tay’s font choice due to her inundating fans with a million other clues, but someone went ahead and turned TTPD upside down and speculated that it might say “call.”

However, fans realized that it actually could say "CAIL" which—according to Google Translate—means “reputation” in Irish.

If true, HER MIND.

Anyway, whilst we ponder whether or not Reputation will randomly drop any moment now, quick pivot to Taylor’s quotes on Easter eggs. As she put it to The Washington Post, “When I was 15 and putting together my first album...I decided to encode the lyrics with hidden messages using capital letters. That’s how it started, and my fans and I have since descended into color coding, numerology, word searches, elaborate hints, and Easter eggs.”

She also told Entertainment Weekly, “I think the best messages are cryptic ones. Easter eggs can be left on clothing or jewelry. This is one of my favorite ways to do this because you wear something that foreshadows something else, and people don’t usually find out this one immediately, but they know you’re probably sending a message. They’ll figure it out in time. Lots of examples of this exist through the history of my career.”

Truer words:

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