Trying Out the New 'Star Wars' Features on Waze

Looking at what’s becoming quite an onslaught of Star Wars: The Force Awakens cross-promotion, we decided to try out the new features added to the free navigation application Waze.

With a simple swipe in the audio options section, you can have C-3PO guiding you to your next destination. The instructions are generally curt and precise, and nearly every command ends with “master.” Upon arrival, C-3PO gets a little more animated and sounds to be joined by Force Awakens newcomer BB-8.

There is also a little “game” you can play while driving, but we use that term loosely. When enabled, different icons appear on your screen, including a lightsaber and a stormtrooper helmet, and when you drive past these items on your map, a sound effect is played and points are awarded to you. We’re not sure what the points are good for, besides bragging rights with your fellow Star Wars-loving friends.

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