Trump Supporters Shrug Off Trump’s Locker-Room Talk

On The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper went to a Trump rally in Pennsylvania to ask people what they felt about Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood video.

Although the controversial video has stirred up a lot of trouble for Trump this week, his supporters didn’t seem to have any trouble with it.

Most of the people interviewed echoed Trump’s response to the video, saying that his comments were just “locker-room talk” and that other presidential candidates in the past have said much worse.

A couple of the people interviewed cited one of Trump’s most vulgar lines from the video, saying “grab them by the p****” not only in reference to women, but also to the Democratic Party and to the terrorist group al-Qaida.

Although almost everyone Klepper spoke to was OK with Trump’s words from the video, most of the people admitted that they would not use that same language. But they also said that regardless of what Trump said in the video or what he may say in the future, they still plan to vote for him.

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Watch The Daily Show destroy Donald Trump’s “locker-room talk.”

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