Trump Supporter Pulls Knife on Family Outside of Manhattan Courthouse

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GettyImages-1179450289-1 - Credit: Getty Images
GettyImages-1179450289-1 - Credit: Getty Images

A woman protesting on behalf of Trump outside of Manhattan’s courthouse was arrested after she brandished a knife at a family with two young children, according to a report from Politico.

The woman, who according to witnesses was standing outside of the building with an “I support Trump, do you?” sign, began arguing with a couple crossing an intersection with a stroller carrying two children. The woman pulled a knife with an approximately six-inch blade on the couple and began waving it at them, according to witnesses who spoke to Politico.

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The woman was detained by the courthouse’s police officers, who rushed over, drew their weapons, and ordered the woman to drop the blade. “The woman yelled, ‘knife, knife’ and the court officers were on the Trump-supporter like Voltron,” a bystander said. There were no reported injuries resulting from the incident.

Despite Trump’s calls for his supporters to protest Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into his 2016 hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, the woman was reportedly the only protester in the vicinity of the courthouse.

Last week, the former president warned of “death and destruction” should Bragg bring an indictment against him. Shortly after, Bragg received a threatening letter full of white powder, which authorities later found was harmless.

As previously reported by Rolling Stone, allies close to the president have been begging him to lay off posting calls for protests and retaliation against Bragg. Privately his lawyers have been preparing Trump not only for an indictment but a likely conviction.

Regardless of the outcome, Trump has already begun laying the groundwork to get his revenge on Bragg, and neither he nor his supporters are willing to go down without a fight.

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