Trump Supporter Fired Over Twitter Exchange With Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt is very vocal about his disdain for the Trump administration. (Photo: Jerod Harris/WireImage)
Patton Oswalt is vocal about his disdain for the Trump administration. (Photo: Jerod Harris/WireImage)

An Illinois real estate agent was fired after getting into a nasty exchange with Patton Oswalt on Twitter.

It started when the 48-year-old comedian tweeted his support for former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she was given the axe by President Trump. Tony Brust, a Trump supporter who was working as an agent at Jim Maloof/Realtor’s Pekin, Ill., office, responded, “Oh [expletive], the little troll has an opinion again.” Oswalt and Brust — who deleted his tweets — had a back and forth until Brust turned the political banter personal.

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“I’m a psychic and I’m channeling his wife’s opinions,” he tweeted at the actor. Oswalt’s wife, true-crime writer Michelle McNamara, suddenly passed away in her sleep last year. She was 46.

Patton Oswalt and his late wife, Michelle McNamara. (Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage)<br>
Patton Oswalt and his late wife, Michelle McNamara. (Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage)

After the tweet, Oswalt trolled Brust on the social media platform.

Brust eventually deactivated his Twitter account.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Brust was fired from his job the same day that he sparred with the comedian. It appears that it wasn’t over his political views, but rather was because of the low blow he delivered regarding Oswalt’s late wife. Owner Michael Maloof told the Tribune Wednesday, “We were made aware that this had gone on and we parted company.”

He added, “We’re kind of a conservative, God-loving, family-oriented company down here, and the respect of our fellow man is deep into our culture.”

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Oswalt addressed the incident in a lengthy post on Facebook:

“I Tweeted back an equally snarky response to Tony’s initial Tweet. It was late, I’d had a bad day, I was in an awful mood, and something about attacking someone who’s simply encouraging another human being landed wrong with me. He insulted me, I returned the insult. Moving on. Or so I thought,” he explains. That’s when the tweet about his wife occurred. “HA HA! My wife’s dead. Zing! Again, that was his FIRST go-to — this patriotic, God-fearing, father of two. Insult someone and, if they respond? Go after their dead spouse.”

As Oswalt says, that’s when the “s*** storm” really started: “Pro-trump accounts BOMBING my feed with ‘wife murderer Patton Oswalt Tweets and ‘libtard cuck’ Tweets and death threats and every variety of misspelled rage.”

Oswalt continues, “The main thing that Trump supporters are excited about, now that he’s president? Is that finally, at LOOOOOONG LAST, all of the awful things they want to say, that used to lose them friends and jobs and marriages? They’re EXCITED about potentially getting to say them with ZERO repercussions. Just like Trump did. All the way into the White House. All the way into unlimited, forever power to spew any awful s*** that comes to your head and no one dares correct you, rolls their eyes, or punches you in the nose.

“But I’m afraid Peoria Realtor is going to be the first in a long line of Trumpers who will realize, on the other side of firings and divorces and black eyes, that Trump’s Teflon Umbrella covers Trump and no one else,” he concludes. “His cabinet and staff are going to learn that as well. That might be fun. Try to be nice. As far as that goes.”

You can read Oswalt’s entire message here.