Trump’s ‘We Have to Keep Our Country Gay’ Speech Gaffe Spurs a Social Media Frenzy (Video)

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Donald Trump mistakenly told the crowd at a Friday rally, “We have to keep our country gay.” Yeah, he meant to say “great” and not “gay,” but it pretty much goes without saying, the internet had a field day.

“If you want to stop the destruction of our country and save the American dream, you have to vote Republican,” Trump told a cheering crowd in Wilmington, North Carolina. “Joe Biden and the Democrat arsonists do not care one bit about the pain and suffering they’re causing you, your family or our once-great country.”

“Remember I was going to say,” he continued, “I was going to use an expression: We have to keep our country gay.” Rather than correcting himself, he made a stuttering noise, followed by, “But I mean, it’s not, for some reason it’s not great anymore.”

Though the crowd standing behind the former president didn’t visibly react, anti-Trump social media users reveled in the blunder.

“Trump wants to keep our country gay, I am so happy that Trump has come out as an LGBTQ+ ally,” one user wrote sarcastically.

“We have to keep our country gay-pur-puh.” – Donald Trump. So then he is against DeSantis’ Don’t Say Gay initiative,” wrote filmmaker Jeremy Newberger.

Another user replied that “‘We have to keep our country gay’ should have been the cue to play YMCA. Someone fell asleep at the wheel besides Trump.”

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Many users on Twitter sought to give Trump – who assigned Biden the nickname “Sleepy Joe” and routinely claims that the president suffers from dementia – a taste of his own medicine.

“Donald’s dementia really showed last night!” read one of the tweets. “Keep our country gay was icing on the cake.”

Journalist Holly Figueroa O’Reilly commented: “‘Keep our country gay…er…erp per perp it’s not, for some reason, it’s not great anymore…’ It’s adorable when people talk about Biden’s speech impediment while ignoring Trump’s obvious dementia.”

See more reactions below.