Trump Identifies Media as ‘Our Country’s Biggest Enemy’ After North Korea Summit

After an historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump identified the media as the new No. 1 threat to the United States.

“Our Country’s biggest enemy is the Fake News so easily promulgated by fools!” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

“So funny to watch the Fake News, especially NBC and CNN,” he wrote. “They are fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea. 500 days ago they would have ‘begged’ for this deal-looked like war would break out. “



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Earlier on Wednesday, as Trump returned to the White House from his summit meeting in Singapore, he declared, “There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea.”

The agreement signed by Trump and Kim on Tuesday is vague on details, particularly the framework for verification of North Korea’s stated intention of denuclearization.

One specific outcome amounts to a concession to North Korea (and one that China also welcomes): an end to joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises.



Of course, Trump is no stranger to attacks on the American media, referring to them last February as the “enemy of the American people.”

But flush from his diplomatic triumph in Singapore, he has stepped up his rhetorical assault on the press.

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