Trump fails to help A$AP Rocky avoid assault charges

Despite President Trump’s best efforts, rapper A$AP Rocky was charged with assault after a recent incident in Stockholm, Sweden. The entertainer clashed with two other men who he said were following him, which led to the confrontation. A$AP Rocky has claimed self defense, and his arrest brought accusations of racism from many fans who felt A$AP was being treated unfairly by Swedish authorities. The scuffle was caught on video, which A$AP Rocky posted to his Instagram account. President Trump revealed on Twitter that Kanye West reached out to him for help securing A$AP Rocky’s release, turning the story into an international incident. Kennedy Johnson, host of The Drop on Yahoo Play, weighed in on the video. “After a while of somebody following you, it’s only a matter of time until you snap,” said Johnson. “Clearly A$AP and his team are going to have fight really hard in court to prove his innocence,” she added. A$AP Rocky faces up to two years in prison if convicted on the charges.