What Should Trump Do During His Perp Walk? Jimmy Kimmel Has An Idea.

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Jimmy Kimmel is getting a little impatient as he awaits an expected Donald Trump arrest ― and even has a plan for what he’ll do if it happens over the weekend.

“So help me God, I will run into the studio and do a monologue in my bathrobe,” he vowed. “I don’t care if there’s anyone here. I’ll just be alone, with no lights on, talking into this not-working camera.”

Trump is said to consider his looming indictment in Manhattan a fun experience and has been wondering if he should smile when he gets arrested, The New York Times reported this week.

“He’s also saying he specifically wants to get handcuffed behind his back,” Kimmel noted. “Which weirdly is the same request he had for Stormy Daniels when he got into this mess.”

Trump reportedly has been asking friends about what to do during a possible perp walk. Kimmel had some advice for him on that: