See It First! History Repeats in Repeater's New Order Tribute Video

Lyndsey Parker
·Editor in Chief, Yahoo Music

True to the L.A. indie-pop band’s name, new wave history is repeating itself in Repeater’s new video for “Lonely” — the group’s loving, faithful recreation of a classic Jonathan Demme-directed New Order music video from 1985.

“‘Lonely’ is a very literal tribute to ‘The Perfect Kiss’ by New Order,” frontman Steve Krolikowski tells Yahoo Music. “Among the props you can see an original poster for that video release, which is itself a work of art by Barbara Kruger. That video shows that although New Order were rising on the charts with club hits, they still kept the arthouse aesthetic of bands like the Smiths, R.E.M., and the Cure. 

"Like New Order in the ’80s, Repeater has made a transition from dark, angular music to a more immediate and accessible pop sound. Performance videos can be very cookie-cutter, and we felt that a tribute like this would keep an artistic tone while still letting us show our faces and have some fun on camera. It’s a good video on its own, and fans of the original will really enjoy the recreation of shots and sets."

For all you completists and ’80s fanatics out there, or for those of you who aren’t familiar with New Order’s original clip and want to compare and contrast, check out “The Perfect Kiss” below. And enjoy the premiere of “Lonely” above.

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