True Love! Fiona the Hippo Gives Boyfriend Timothy an Edible Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

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Fiona the hippo and her boyfriend Timothy are still going strong!

Just three weeks after Timothy sent his beloved an edible arrangement in honor of her third birthday, Fiona returned the favor as the pair celebrated their second Valentine’s Day together.

“Dear Fiona, Thank you, SO MUCH, for the Valentine’s Day Edible Arrangement surprise. I’m somewhat of a self-taught food critic, but I have to say…IT WAS AMAZING!” a post on Timothy’s official Twitter account read.

Timothy, who resides at the San Antonio Zoo, which is over a thousand miles away from Fiona’s Cincinnati Zoo, went on to add that his gift for her was still on its way.

“I can’t wait for you to get my gift there at your zoo, and then tomorrow at 3:00 I’ll be posting a special song that me and my official wingman, Aaron Watson wrote for you.”

The pair celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together last year, and in honor of their milestone, Timothy wrote Fiona a love poem … with a little help, of course.

“Dear Fiona, Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful hippo I’ve ever seen! (not counting mom and grandma, but you know what I mean),” a love letter posted on Facebook by the San Antonio Zoo read. “Anyhoo, I hope you have a wonderful day and like my poem! My little human friends from Will Smith Zoo School helped me! Sincerely, -Timothy.”

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Alongside the love note, the zoo also included a video of the students reading the poem.

“Hey you/ Anyhoo/ You’re often on my mind/ You’re a gorgeous hippo/ Truly one of a kind/ I’m sending you this poem/ Because I just wanted to say/ I’m thinking of you and hay/ On this special Valentine’s Day!” the sweet poem read.

Fiona the hippo | Cincinatti Zoo/Instagram
Fiona the hippo | Cincinatti Zoo/Instagram

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A true hopeless romantic, Timothy first laid his heart on the line back in 2018.

“Dear Fiona, My name is Timothy. I recently moved out of my mom’s house to San Antonio and currently live with my grandma,” his first-ever note to Fiona read, as the zoo animal went on to share that he hoped things could work out between them, even though they didn’t live near one another.

“I have seen your pictures and videos on the internet at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and I think you are the most beautiful hippopotamus I have ever seen. Perhaps we can meet someday and be boyfriend and girlfriend? I am single and available,” he wrote, adding the humorous postscript: “Hippos rule and elephants drool!”