Like Blue Balls… in Your Heart: The Most Ridiculous Lines From 'True Detective' Season 2

With the True Detective season finale airing this Sunday, we have to thank Season 2 of HBO’s crime anthology for all the laughs it’s given us… even though it’s not a comedy.

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This season, writer Nic Pizzolatto’s hard-boiled film noir dialogue sometimes (OK, often) tipped over towards the absurd, so we’re paying tribute with this compilation of the most outlandish bits of dialogue we’ve endured this season. We’ve included everything from Ray’s morsel of wisdom, “Sometimes a good beating provokes personal growth,” to Frank’s immortal, should-be-on-a-T-shirt declaration: “It’s like blue balls… in your heart.”

In fact, you’ll notice Vince Vaughn’s Frank takes up the lion’s share of this terrible-lines montage, whether he’s joking about the frequency of his wife’s period or just teaching us vocabulary words like “stridency” and “louche.” We’d say we’ve already done the hard work in compiling Vaughn’s Emmy reel for him… but we’d hate to stymie his retribution.

The Season 2 finale of True Detective airs Sunday, Aug. 9 at 9 p.m. on HBO.