Troye Sivan & PinkPantheress Tease a Team-Up on ‘Rush’ Remix: ‘Another Successful Manifestation’

After Troye Sivan declared that he was feeling the “Rush,” it looks like PinkPantheress might just be feeling it as well.

In a series of TikToks posted on Sunday (Aug. 27), Sivan and PinkPantheress teased a new remix of the Australian pop star’s single “Rush,” which appears to feature a verse from the viral singer-songwriter. It started with a clip posted on Sivan’s TikTok, in which he dances to a recent song snippet PinkPantheress shared on her socials, writing, “Wow love this lady’s voice. Would love to sing w her one day.”

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Shortly after Sivan posted his hint, PinkPantheress took it a step further in her own TikTok clip. Sharing a screengrab of a July 14 tweet in which she said that Sivan’s “Rush” was “toooooo tooooo good,” the singer-songwriter shared a snippet of what sounded like her own verse on a remixed version of the track. “Another successful manifestation,” she wrote under the original tweet, while her caption seemed to officially confirm the news: “So excited for you guys to hear the rush remix.”

Some eagle-eyed fans on the app immediately linked another potential artist to the upcoming remix — Hyunjin of Stray Kids. Shortly after sharing his teaser with PinkPantheress, Sivan shared a nearly identical clip featuring the K-pop star, including a message that was strikingly similar. “Wow love this guy’s voice,” he wrote. “Would love to sing w him one day.” Meanwhile, over on PinkPantheress’ teaser, fans claimed that they could hear Hyunjin’s voice in the background just before the clip ended. Hyunjin has not teased any participation in the project on his social media.

It wouldn’t be the first time Sivan expressed his love for Hyunjin on the app. In the lead-up to the release of “Rush,” Sivan posted a TikTok asking how to get in touch with the K-pop star next to a thirst trap edit of the Stray Kids singer. But in a later interview, Sivan said that he was “pulling the brakes” on trying to get in touch with Hyunjin after receiving a few scary responses to his lighthearted plea.

Speaking about “Rush” shortly after its release, Sivan told Billboard that the song felt like a first step forward in a very new chapter of his career. “I think I’m just used to putting stuff out to my very safe, immediate audience that I know have my back because they’ve been there for so long and everything,” he said. “This time feels very different for some reason.”

Billboard has reached out to reps for Sivan, PinkPantheress and Stray Kids.

Check out Sivan and PinkPantheress’ TikTok teasers below:

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