Triplets: Why Two Sisters Say The Third Should Leave Her Boyfriend

Triplets Lindsay, Jessica, and Kelly insist they have always been extremely close, but Kelly and Jessica say they feel their bond with Lindsay is being put to the test. The siblings say they’ve been concerned for Lindsay ever since they learned that – not only has her boyfriend, Brandon, been lying to and cheating on her for the past two years – but that he also paid women to ruin property belonging to her, including their father’s record collection, and involved Lindsay in his predilection for being dominated and physically abused. “When I found out these things about Brandon, I told my sister that he was no longer allowed to be in my house,” says Jessica, adding that she was “instantly disgusted” by what she’d learned. Jessica and Kelly both say they want Lindsay to leave Brandon. “I love that Jessica and Kelly are protective of me,” says Lindsay in the video above. Why does she say that she plans to stand by her boyfriend? Watch more from part one of this two-part Dr. Phil here. Dr. Phil airs Monday-Friday. Check here for your local listing. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have an outrageous story that will shock Dr. Phil?