Triple H On Jade Cargill: When She Says She’s Ready, I’m Ready

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Triple H says Jade Cargill was limited in her development prior to her arrival in WWE. As a result, he stated that the company wants to make sure she is prepared for the next steps.

At the WWE Survivor Series post-show press conference, Triple H was asked for an update about Jade Cargill’s development.

“Jade is, I have no less belief in her now than I did then,” Triple H said. “It’s interesting, when she came in, we talked about her development and where she would land, but what the development was. I wanna make sure, that no matter what is thrown at Jade Cargill, she’s ready.

“At no fault of her own, I think that she was limited in that. So the idea is, we exposed her, we made her be seen. People are understanding and they’re waiting and they’re excited for her to come, and when she does, it’s going to be massive.”

Triple H Wants To Make Sure Jade Cargill Is Ready

Triple H continued by stating that WWE wants to make sure that Jade Cargill is ready for any pitch they throw at her. The WWE Chief Content Officer emphasized that he’s not in a rush, and when Cargill says she’s ready, he will be too.

“I just think that we’re just making sure that when she’s ready, I don’t want to pitch [at her], something that she’s never seen before,” Triple H said. “I want, no matter what that pitch is, she’s gonna crack that thing out of the park. You can just see in her, that’s the presence she has, and that’s the star she is.

“We’ve yet to see her do anything in WWE, and yet I can probably name five-ten people here that you would go, ‘Oh, that’s a dream match,’ without her doing a thing. I’m in no rush. When she says I’m ready, I’m ready.”

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