Trina McGee uncovers why Angela didn't show up in the Boy Meets World finale

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Trina McGee
Trina McGee

Included in ABC’s legendary 1990s TGIF lineup of comedies, Boy Meets World has remained fondly remembered by a generation of kids who got to grow up beside their favorite characters. A highlight for many watchers was seeing the evolution of fan-favorite couple Angela and Shawn, played by Trina McGee and Rider Strong. As the two repeatedly broke up and got together, viewers were heartbroken when they didn’t end up together and Angela left for Europe one episode before the series finale.

Well, the mystery behind Angela’s missing presence has now got a clear answer. While on the recap podcast Pod Meets World, McGee revealed (via Deadline) to her former castmates Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle that she was kept off the last episode due to on-set drama.

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“I was told, in kind of a weird off-handed way by a very important person that you guys all went to [showrunner] Michael Jacobs, and you said ‘We don’t want her in the last episode. She’s somehow taking our light.’ That was the gist of it,” McGee said.

“I was told that after I shot what was the show before the last episode, which was called ‘Angela’s Ashes’ when I left. When Michael announced we were going to do another show on Angela, I was so happy not realizing this was going to be the show before the last show,” added McGee.

In the past, McGee has spoken up about the racism she faced on the Boy Meets World set, including being called “Aunt Jemima” by co-star Friedle while sitting through hair and makeup. “I feel like I’m always the one who had to squelch it and move on,” said McGee in a 2020 interview with Yahoo! Entertainment about her experiences on the ABC series. In the interview, McGee said she did eventually receive apologies from both Friedle and Fishel for their behavior.

On the podcast, Friedle—who played Cory Matthews’ brother in the series—refuted that any of the main cast requested for McGee to not be in the finale.

“I believe you,” replied McGee. “I can tell by your reactions. I have had that in my head for so long, and I’ve never watched that show. I’ve always felt like, ugh…that hurt me a long time.”