We tried TikTok's viral 'no hair tie' ponytail hack to see if it really works

Recently a TikTok trend went viral showing that there could be a way to pull back long hair into a ponytail without a hair elastic or headband. We asked editors at In The Know with different hair lengths, textures and thickness to tell us whether this hack really works. Julia Webb, who has slightly wavy and thick hair, says, "this ponytail would just not hold for me". Lisa Azcona, who has naturally curly hair that’s on the thinner side, says, "my hair is too thin when it’s straight, so the knots just fell apart and came undone". Jamé Jackson, who has thick, blonde locs, says, "when you are working with thickness, texture and a lot of volume … Baby, good luck". Alex Lasker, who has very thick and wavy hair, says, "I tried the hack and it very tepidly worked". Holly Wang, who has naturally straight hair that she describes as “slippery,” says, "the final look didn’t last longer than three seconds because I couldn’t hold it tight, at all". Looks like this hair hack might only work for very specific hair types. For now, we’ll keep our hair ties on our wrists