John Lithgow’s New Show ‘Trial & Error’ Is Criminally Funny

Trial & Error proved to be criminally funny on its series premiere with John Lithgow, as Larry Henderson, facing prosecution for the murder of his wife, Margaret. With Larry lamenting that after he found Margaret’s body the icing on the cake was that the cable guy never showed, we knew that even murder would hold no reverence on this series.

In a county with a “No Buggery” law still on the books, things got only more laughable when certain lifestyle evidence came to light as we saw Henderson making out with Alfonso, his personal fitness trainer. Henderson defended himself, saying, “I loved Margaret. She was my best friend. It’s just that sexuality is fluid, and sometimes my fluids go towards men.”

With fluids flowing in unexpected ways, Margaret’s brother, Jeremiah, had a change of heart about funding Larry’s innocence and decided to donate his money to the prosecution.

With a crackpot defense team and Sherri Shepherd’s character, Anne, suffering from involuntary emotional expression disorder, it seems we’ve been given permission to laugh as inappropriately as we want.

Trial & Error airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC. Watch clips and full episodes of Trial & Error for free on Yahoo View.

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