Trevor Noah Suggests Liz Cheney Doesn’t Have to Run for President to Beat Donald Trump (Video)

After losing the Republican Congressional primary, Liz Cheney vowed that she will stop at nothing to defeat Donald Trump, including a potential campaign for president. But during Wednesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah suggested that she might not need to go that far.

“If she wants to stop Trump, she doesn’t have to beat him in a presidential race,” the late-night host said. “Just put a bunch of Reese’s Pieces in a line off a cliff. He’ll be like, ‘And this one, and this one, ahhhhhh.”

Noah contended that, regardless of his feelings about the Republican lawmaker, voters “have to respect” that Cheney was willing to condemn the Jan 6. insurrection attempt and continue to vocalize her desire to keep Trump out of office, even though it would likely hurt her career.

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“And yes, it is saying something about the GOP that the brave stance was, ‘Don’t hang the vice president.’ But still. She stood by it,” he said, reminding the audience that there were only 10 Republicans in the House who voted to impeach Trump. So far, four have lost to a primary challenger and four others retired.

While Cheney’s potential attempt to unseat Trump in the Republican presidential primary might be “a long shot,” Noah added: “Don’t forget, she is a Cheney. And if there’s one thing they’re committed to, it’s regime change.”

You can watch the full segment above.

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