Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Claim Ye ‘Expressed No Antisemitism’ at Dinner: Probably Didn’t Rap, But Still ‘A Rapper’ (Video)

Trevor Noah is joining the pile-on of mockery for Donald Trump this week, after the twice-impeached former president defended his dinner with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, and known white nationalist Nick Fuentes, by saying that the rapper didn’t explicitly say anything antisemitic at the meeting.

Trump drew wide backlash after hosting the two at his Mar-a-Lago resort last week, considering Ye’s recent string of antisemitic posts and Fuentes’ well-documented legacy of hate speech. But, in the days following the dinner, Trump has attempted to dodge accountability for the meeting by claiming that he had no idea that Fuentes would be at the dinner, and that he didn’t even know who Fuentes was.

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“In Trump’s defense, how would he know that the guy Kanye rolls with could be a white supremacist? I mean, I get what he’s saying,” Noah joked. He’s like, ‘I just wanted to have dinner with this antisemite, I didn’t know he was gonna bring a friend!'”

Trump has also attempted to downplay the situation by saying that Ye himself “expressed no antisemitism” during the meal, despite being suspended from multiple social platforms for antisemitic posts. And Noah couldn’t help but laugh at Trump’s logic on that one.

“And then what? I’m also sure he didn’t rap at the dinner, but you still know that he’s a rapper,” the “Daily Show” host mocked.

More than anything, though, Noah was just kind of baffled that people seem shocked about Trump’s chosen dinner guests. He joked that, at this point, Trump doing something mundane — or healthy — would be more shocking than anything else.

“Why do journalists still act surprised when Donald Trump does Donald Trump stuff? ‘Even for Donald Trump, this is –‘ what do you mean ‘even for Donald Trump?’ It’s Donald Trump doing Donald Trump. Trump having dinner with Nazis is not outrageous. If he had dinner with vegetables, that would be outrageous. That would be crazy.”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.

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