Trevor Noah Jokes Intelligence Community Didn’t Trust Trump With Classified Material: ‘They Just Gave Him Empty Folders’ (Video)

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Trevor Noah thinks that Donald Trump may need a bit of help getting Mar-a-Lago back in tip-top shape once the FBI finishes its investigation — and he knows the perfect person for the job.

“Over the weekend, we finally got a detailed rundown of what the FBI took away,” he said during Tuesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show.” “There were 31 documents labeled ‘confidential.’ There were 54 labeled ‘secret,’ and 18 labeled ‘top secret.’ Even better than that, agents found those documents intermingled in the same boxes as magazine clippings and clothing.”

He added: “So, I guess Trump has a legal problem and a hoarding problem. After the FBI is done with Trump, we need to send in Marie Kondo just to be like, ‘does this 1987 copy of Playboy spark joy Donald?'”

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In addition to the classified documents, the FBI also found dozens of classified folders that were empty. The late night host pondered what could have been inside those folders, and where the documents they held could have gone.

“Did he lend them to Saudi Arabia? Maybe it’s more innocent. Maybe Trump just keeps a bunch of folders labeled ‘classified’ so he can give them to friends with photocopies of his butt inside. I mean, that’s a good joke,” he said. “It’s also possible the intelligence community didn’t trust Trump with classified information. So they just gave him empty folders. We don’t know. It could just be like, ‘these documents are so secret, we made them invisible.'”

And since a judge in Florida agreed to allow the appointment of a third-party Special Master to oversee the FBI’s investigation, we may not get answers to those questions for quite some time. Both parties have until Friday to suggest a Special Master, which Noah isn’t expecting to go over smoothly.

“I feel like the Department of Justice is going to submit the names of like former attorney generals and FBI directors. Then the list on Trump’s side is going to be like Jared, the Hamburglar, and a paper shredder on top of a toilet,” he said.

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