Trevor Noah Jokes That if Herschel Walker is Elected, Take Your Child to Work Day Will ‘Feel Like Another Insurrection’ (Video)

Trevor Noah has some concerns about what will happen if Herschel Walker is actually elected as Senator in Georgia next week. On Thursday night, the “Daily Show” host joked that, first and foremost, Walker’s election might make a certain goofy holiday a little bit more terrifying.

On his penultimate night hosting “The Daily Show” from Atlanta, Noah once again spent some time discussing the midterm elections. He noted that races are particularly tight in Georgia, and once again marveled at how closely Walker and Rev. Raphael Warnock are polling together. But Noah put it in blunt terms for the audience; next week, Walker could be Georgia’s new senator. And that prompted mass booing from the audience.

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“I mean, I also hope it doesn’t happen. I mean, that would be crazy,” Noah said. “Herschel Walker as a senator? Can you imagine how that would mess with the whole Capitol? Take your child to work day is gonna feel like another insurrection. It’s just gonna be like ‘They’re storming the Capitol! Oh no wait, wait, it’s Herschel Walker’s kids. It’s all of his kids.’ He’s like ‘Allegedly my kids.'”

Noah joked that, considering how well Walker has done up to this point, the midterm elections at large are starting to feel like “a political science experiment” by Republicans, in an attempt to see just “how crazy a candidate can be” and still get votes.

Eventually, Noah turned his attention back to Walker, poking fun at the former football player’s claim that his resume could stand up against Barack Obama’s resumes. Noah joked that it wouldn’t even matter if their qualifications were the same, because Obama has a note in his resume that says “not crazy.”

But speaking more seriously — mostly — Noah balked at the idea that Walker and Obama could ever be compared.

“Obama was president, people! He was president! For two terms!” Noah said. “Herschel Walker can’t even carry any of his pregnancies to two terms, what are you talking about?! Are you serious right now?”

You can watch Noah’s full monologue from “The Daily Show” in the video above.

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