Trevor Noah Blasts Ohio Lawmakers for Trans Sports Bill: ‘This Bill Targets All Girls’ (Video)

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Trevor Noah did not hold back his thoughts on lawmakers in Ohio who are currently advancing a bill that would ban transgender girls from playing school sports and require genital checks if a student’s sex is questioned.

“That’s right America, you asked lawmakers to protect your kids from guns and they said, ‘We got you. We’re gonna look at your kids’ genitals,” Noah said during “The Daily Show” on Monday. “I feel like there is a miscommunication there, because which one do you think is more traumatizing to your kid? Honest question…them losing a race in high school or them winning the race and then having to get probed by a doctor to see if their genitals are, what? The right size?”

The bill, which passed through the House of Representatives last week, says that, if a student’s sex is disputed, a doctor must sign off on the child’s internal and external reproductive anatomy, their testosterone levels, and their genetic makeup in order for them to continue playing the sport.

The bill is not law just yet. It will now go to a vote in the state Senate in a few months, when it reconvenes after a recess.

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“It’s bad enough to target trans girls, but you understand this bill targets all girls, right? Or at least all the girls who are ‘too good’ at the sport,” Noah continued, speculating that adults may weaponize the bill against certain athletes to win games.

“It’s only a matter of time before a softball pitcher strikes out three girls in a row and then a parent’s gonna rush the field like, ‘Genital check! No way she’s throwing 95 with two X chromosomes!'” he said.

Noah also questioned what doctors would even be willing to perform such an examination on a child, wondering if it might be the “dude wearing the ‘female body inspector’ T-shirts.” He then explained that there was, obviously, backlash to the bill, including from doctors who said they would refuse to perform any genital checks on children under the provisions of the bill.

After a round of applause from the audience, Noah concluded with one last scathing remark: “I mean, I also don’t agree with it. If they wanted to stand back and do nothing to keep our kids safe, then they should have become police officers.”

You can watch the entire segment in the video above.

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