Trespassing turkey poachers tried shooting property owner, too, Missouri officials say

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Missouri Department of Conservation

Two men are facing charges after officials say they trespassed on someone’s property, shot a turkey and then fired a shot at the landowner.

Officers with the Missouri Department of Conservation were called to a property in Grundy County, a May 27 news release said.

The landowner told officials that two people trespassed on the property, and shot a turkey, the release said. The incident happened in April but an exact date was not provided.

The two ran away from him on foot, he told the officers, and one of them shot his gun in the landowner’s direction.

Officers found the suspects through a K9 investigation that matched the shotgun casings found to the shells in the suspect’s possession.

The two men are now facing multiple charges, including:

  • unlawful use of a weapon

  • hunting wildlife from private property without permission

  • taking turkey without a permit

  • illegal possession of wildlife

Grundy County is about 105 miles northeast of Kansas City.

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