Treach Recalls Brawling Alongside 2Pac Against Rolling 60s Crip Gang

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Treach of Naughty By Nature recently recalled an instance in which he, rap legend 2Pac, and others got into a brawl with the Rolling 60’s Crip gang.

During an interview with the Art Of Dialogue, Treach spoke on the encounter, which stemmed from the Rolling 60’s mistaking he and Pac for members of the Bloods gang. “They came in and just started picking up chairs and bottles,” the hitmaker recalled of the incident.

“We heard the commotion in the back. Before we got a chance to look back, bow! I got hit in the head with a chair,” Treach recalled. “That’s when I walked around with the big chain, so I took that shit off immediately. ‘Pac and everybody that was with us picked up bottles and chairs, and there was just an all-out brawl. So we ended up fighting our way outta there.”

Treach Wearing Hat
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The Naughty By Nature member also revealed that a hit had been put out on him, Pac, and his associates following their battle with the Crips, as the rap star’s were green-lit for death by the gang. “It was so real we actually had gotten green-lit by the 60s,” the emcee shared.

“A green light is like on sight, ni***s is gonna roll on you and handle business — it’s a hit. So I had to get up with my family that was out there … We sat down in Compton and basically let it be known we ain’t disrespected the gang, we was just doing what we had to do to get up outta there. So they took the green light off and the rest is history.”

See Treach’s Art Of Dialogue interview below.

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