Travis Scott Reaches Settlement With Family Of 14-Year-Old Affected By Astroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott Reaches Settlement With Family Of 14-Year-Old Affected By Astroworld Tragedy
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Travis Scott is making headway in clearing up his Astroworld mess.

The rapper recently agreed to a settlement with a third family whose 14-year-old son died during a crowd crush at his infamous concert in 2021.

It came after he recently released his new album, "Utopia," on a day that coincided with the release of a police investigation into the tragedy.


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Travis Scott Settles For An Undisclosed Amount

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According to Rolling Stone, Scott has reached a settlement with one of the families that sued him after his 2021 Astroworld Festival ended in the loss of many lives.

The publication reported that the rapper and the show organizers, one of whom is Live Nation, agreed to pay the family of 14-year-old John Hilgert an undisclosed amount of money as compensation for his death.

It comes after the family withdrew their lawsuit in February after submitting a notice of nonsuit with prejudice. It makes them the third family to have settled their Astroworld suits, following in the footsteps of the Axel Acosta and Brianna Rodriguez families.

In the meantime, the show's organizers and Scott are still embroiled in numerous civil suits filed by thousands of attendees, and it is unclear when it will all be resolved.

Travis Scott's Astroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott Reaches Settlement With Family Of 14-Year-Old Affected By Astroworld Tragedy

The tragic incident happened on November 5, 2021, while Scott was performing in front of the Astroworld Festival attendees at NRG Park in Houston.

Prior to the event, there were many concerns about crowd control issues that were unresolved by the organizers. Ultimately, eight people died the night of the concert, two more over the following days, and several thousand were injured.

It was reported that Scott continued to perform even as people were being injured and killed in the crowd, although it appeared he had no idea about the severity of the situation. These reports led to him receiving harsh criticism for not ending the concert earlier and for the concert's poor organization.

In response, the rapper apologized for his actions in a viral video, which has since been slammed by online users.

He Will Face No Criminal Charges For Astroworld Tragedy

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For a while, it was unclear whether Scott and the show organizer would face criminal charges because of the incident. However, over a month ago, it was determined that there would be no criminal charges, as a grand jury made the decision to cancel any possible indictment by the authorities.

Speaking on their decision, Kim Ogg, the Harris County District Attorney said, "Our job is narrow. It is to determine if this tragedy, this absolutely disastrous, horrific event, involved criminal activity by anyone. In this instance, the grand jury found that no crime did occur — that no single individual was criminally responsible."

Several weeks later, the Houston Police Department released their 1266-page investigation on the incident on the same day Scott dropped a new project called "Utopia."

This seemingly did not go down well with Scott, as a rep for the rapper slammed the HPD for targeting him despite the decision of the grand jury.

"The timing of the Houston Police Department report's release, coinciding with the launch of Travis Scott's highly anticipated album, is anything but coincidental," the rep said in an interview with TMZ.

They added, "It is outrageous that HPD has chosen to resort to tactics that attempt to discredit Travis and his team, casting doubt on how the unfortunate events at Astroworld occurred."

Travis Scott Slammed For Tone-Deaf Comments

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Some members of the affected family were irked by the rapper's lawyer's remarks, which have been described as "stunningly tone-deaf," per the Daily Mail.

"For Mr. Scott to allow his lawyers and spokespeople to make the reckless and untrue statement that just because he was not indicted means he's blame-free is arrogant and insulting to the memory of 10-year-old Ezra as well as the other victims of this terrible night," said Bob Hilliard, who represents the family of nine-year-old victim Ezra Blount.

He also noted that the investigation report from the police "confirms both the negligence and extreme gross negligence of those involved."

Scott, who has mostly kept a low profile since the Astroworld tragedy, recently revealed plans to perform some songs from "Utopia" at Rome's Circus Maximus on Monday, August 7. The album boasts of tracks like "Hyaena," Meltdown," featuring Drake, and "My Eyes." It also has a track titled "Delresto (Echoes)" featuring Beyoncé.