Travis Scott called transphobic after omitting transgender model from 'Astroworld' album cover

Travis Scott is facing backlash over one of the photos for his new album, Astroworld. After unveiling the official cover art, fans noticed one big difference between the picture posted by Scott and by photographer, David LaChapelle: Transgender model Amanda Lepore was cut out of Scott’s final version.

Lepore was initially perplexed by why she was missing, posting the original photo on her Instagram page, writing, “I’m curious why I’m not on the picture @travisscott posted.” You can see screenshots of the posts below, with Lepore being visible in her photo on the left side of the picture, in between the rocket and Scott’s head.

Yahoo Entertainment reached out to a representative for Scott, but did not immediately receive a response. However, the famed photographer offered up an explanation Tuesday: Lepore was just too good looking.

As disappointed fans — include Lepore — flocked to LaChapelle’s comment section asking what happened, he replied to one person that “she just upstaged every one lol.” He wrote to another that it had nothing to do with any kind of “phobia or whatever” and that she “can’t seem to control” upstaging people adding, “lol ain’t nothing to do with hating.”

The explanation seems to be good enough for Lepore. She edited the original caption of her Instagram post, keeping the part about being “curious” as to why she’s not in the picture but added, “A girl can’t help it! Too distracting for the eyes! Upstaged everyone in the photograph!” Clearly there are no hard feelings as she said she loved both LaChapelle and Scott.

LaChapelle defended Scott over on Lepore’s page, too, writing in the comment section of the above photo, “Travis is the coolest and don’t give a f*** about nothing.”

Kylie Jenner‘s baby daddy has remained quiet, but many have not.

Aquaria, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10, had a lot to say on the matter.

“Also if I hear one more whack ass opinion regarding Amanda ‘blocking the iconic Travis statute’ or ‘b-b-b-but what about caitlyn Jenner!’ or ‘artistic preference’ or really anything similar I’m going to lose my mind… call s*** like it is and don’t blame art for ur transphobia,” she wrote. “Maybe not even ‘immediate’ transphobia but specific exclusion of trans bodies. S***’s still transphobic if u think people won’t buy your album because Amanda is on the cover looking flawless as ever.”

Many took to Twitter to express similar disappointment.