Travis Kelce Reveals How His Loved Ones Balance Him Out

Travis Kelce Reveals How His Loved Ones Balance Him Out
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Originally appeared on E! Online

Travis Kelce isn't afraid to be called out.

Despite his three Super Bowl rings, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end revealed how his inner circle helps keep him grounded—and he's totally here for it.

"The balance is really just friends and family," Travis said in E! News' exclusive video from ZenWTR's "Find Yours" campaign shoot. "Keeping people around that can tell you you're tripping or you're doing stuff that you shouldn't be doing. And on top of that, give you a pat on the back when you're doing things the right way. You gotta have it both ways."

In fact, the 34-year-old said keeping his loved ones close is "always my yin to my yang."

As he put it, he tries to "keep those conversations real, those opportunities to be with them, take advantage of those, make sure I find time for that aspect of my life."

And Travis—who has been dating Taylor Swift since last year—knows how lucky he is get advice from Chiefs coach Andy Reid as well as his family, which includes parents Ed and Donna Kelce as well as brother Jason Kelce.

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"Having great mentors, having great coaches, having great family members and friends, I feel like that's the biggest thing in terms of growth," Travis continued. "Just having people around you that can check you but also give you confirmation and reassurance that you're doing the things the right way."

They've also taught him the importance of humility and humor, even while playing the game.

Travis Kelce
Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

"The biggest thing is you got to be able to have fun with it, man," the NFL star shared. "Know that all shots taken aren't personal. Everybody's got a job out here." (And that goes for both hits on the field or clicks online, as he quipped that lesson could also mean, "Staying out of the comments if you're not ready for them.")

His commitment to fueling his best self is why he partnered with ZenWTR for their "Find Yours" campaign, which celebrates the pursuit of excellence and self-actualization.

"Looking at the legacy," Travis added, "I just want to be known as somebody that was selfless and really wanted to make a difference in the communities that he was playing."

Jason Kelce, Travis Kelce
Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos via Getty Images

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