Travis Kelce Reacts to Getting Booed While at NBA Playoffs Game

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Originally appeared on E! Online

Travis Kelce knows that the haters are gonna hate, hate, hate.

Indeed, the guy on the Chiefs expressed that he had to shake it off after he was booed while sitting courtside as the Dallas Mavericks took on the Minnesota Timberwolves during game three of the conference finals at American Airlines Arena in Dallas May 26.

"I got booed twice," Travis admitted on the May 29 episode of New Heights. "It's whatever. I get it. I'm not from Dallas. I'm just kind of like an innocent bystander."

And when his brother Jason Kelce pushed back on Travis' indifference, he doubled down.

"I don't know," the Kansas City Chiefs tight end added, referring to potential Dallas Cowboys fans in the arena, "maybe they just don't like the Chiefs."

But while Travis, who was joined by teammate Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes, suggested the reception may have had to do with their Kansas City-based team—it could've simply been Lone Star state pride. After all, Patrick and Brittany, who each received warm praise from the crowd, are Texas natives.

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"Pat taps me and I was like ‘Oh, shit! I'm on the jumbotron," Travis explained. "And then I heard the boos and I was like, ‘Oh, shit! I'm getting booed. Nice. Thanks. Nice to see you guys Dallas. Appreciate the warm welcome.' And then they showed Pat and everyone was like, ‘Yeah!'"

Despite the less than friendly reception, Travis expressed fondness for the city and revealed he dreamed of playing for the Cowboys as a kid, adding, "They were fun as hell—that team was electric."

And while Travis is big enough so Cowboys fans can't hit him, he also received some subtle teasing from girlfriend Taylor Swift's fans for the outfit he wore to the game on social media.

Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes
Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

As Travis donned a pair of blue jeans with faux rips all over them, along with a T-shirt with a single red apple, many fans deemed the look a callback to Taylor's "Blank Space" music video.

Meanwhile, another fan's comment attracted the attention of Jason.

After a user on X, formerly Twitter, posted a photo of Travis' courtside fit with the caption, "What the f--k did Taylor's cats do to Travis' jeans?" the retired Philadelphia Eagles star cheekily replied, "Now that's funny!"

Travis didn't confirm or deny whether his latest OOTD for the NBA finals was a nod to his girlfriend, but there are plenty of other reasons Travis has proved he and Taylor may just be end game.

Keep reading to see how perhaps nothing was accidental when it comes to this pair.

No. 1: He's a Swiftie

<p>No. 1: He's a Swiftie</p>

No. 2: He's Not Her Usual Type (on Paper)

<p>No. 2: He's Not Her Usual Type (on Paper)</p>

No. 3: He Publicly Pursued Her

<p>No. 3: He Publicly Pursued Her&nbsp;</p>

No. 4: She Isn't In Hiding

<p>No. 4: She Isn't In Hiding</p>

No. 5: He Knows When to Pull Back

<p>No. 5: He Knows When to Pull Back</p>

No. 6: He's Family-Oriented

<p>No. 6: He's Family-Oriented</p>

No. 7: He's Super-Close With His Brother

<p>No. 7: He's Super-Close With His Brother</p>

No. 8: They Have a Mutual Friend

<p>No. 8: They Have a Mutual Friend</p>

No. 9: The Squad Is Shipping

<p>No. 9: The Squad Is Shipping</p>

No. 10: He Can Handle the Pressure

<p>No. 10: He Can Handle the Pressure</p>

No. 11: They Support One Another

<p>No. 11: They Support One Another</p>

No. 12: His Birthday

<p>No. 12: His Birthday</p>

Travis turned 34 on Oct. 5 meaning he was born in—are you ready for it?—1989. Screaming, crying, throwing up, etc.

13. A Special Connection

<p>13. A Special Connection</p>

Speaking of Killa Trav's birthday, did you know he shares his with Taylor's late grandmother Marjorie Finlay, the subject of her song "Marjorie" off of 2020's evermore? If we didn't know better, we'd think this is a sign...

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