Travis Kelce Lifting Taylor Swift Above His Head at Coachella Is Peak Football Boyfriend Behavior

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Reason number 4,598 that Travis Kelce is the world's most perfect boyfriend: He physically lifted Taylor Swift above the crowd so that she could better see the stage at Coachella.

In a video from the Dom Dolla show that has since gone viral, Kelce can be seen leaning over to hear something, then picking up Swift so smoothly and holding her above his head so steadily that she doesn't even spill her drink. Many commenters noted that this is especially impressive because Swift, at 5 feet 11 inches, isn't exactly a short woman. Dating a man with Super Bowl–winning athleticism means you never have to struggle to see the stage at a concert ever again.

On Twitter and TikTok, both swoons and jokes abounded in reaction to the cute vid. “Imagine you’re like ten rows back watching dom dolla and all of a sudden you’re making eye contact with Taylor swift lolol,” joked one TikTok commenter. “He single handedly is fighting the 4B movement,” wrote another. On X, one person tweeted, “Can anyone think of any of her previous boyfriends who could have accomplished the same feat of strength? It's giving his SNL skit a real life example.” Another Swiftie wisecracked, “She’s trying to locate Sabrina in the crowd ☠️.”

We'd been expecting to see Traylor at Coachella, but who could have guessed the couple would grant us so many viral moments. The pair got a special shout-out from Ice Spice during her set, and was also seen dancing backstage during Jack Antanoff's set. But let's be honest. We can never have too much Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift content.

Originally Appeared on Glamour