Travis Kelce Haircut: What Is His ‘Fade’ Hairstyle And Did He Invent It?

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Fans are asking many questions about Kansas City Chief tight-end Travis Kelce‘s haircut, including whether or not he invented it. Here is all you need to know.

What is Travis Kelce’s haircut?

Travis Kelce’s haircut is a fade or, as his barber Patrick Regan likes to call it, the “skin fade” or “bald fade.”

In a pre-Super Bowl interview with ESPN on Tuesday (depicted below in a TikTok video), Travis Kelce took a moment to address rumors of surrounding his haircut online. The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight-end said:

“Man, I got a good fade, if you need it, It’s a two on top, a nice high to mid fade with a taper on the back.”

Did the NFL star invent the “Fade” hairstyle?

No, Travis Kelce did not invent the “Fade” hairstyle.

As reported by People, the Fade haircut sported by Kelce is a hairstyle that has enjoyed longstanding popularity amongst the Black community and other communities.

Travis Kelce confirmed in the aforementioned ESPN interview that he did not invent the style, but simply asked for it.

Kelce also addressed the people making online rumors, as well as the various online reports calling the haircut the “Travis Kelce cut.” Kelce said they were doing something ridiculous, especially on February 1, the start of Black History Month, strongly expressing he wanted nothing to do with the rumors. (via People).

As reported by People, Kelce’s regular barber for the past six years, Patrick Regan, has offered many behind-the-scenes looks for how he achieves Kelce’s famed haircut. He also mentioned in one Instagram story that Travis Kelce’s cut is not new or revolutionary.

Regan also mentioned that “Bad Blood” and “All Too Well” singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is a fan of Kelce’s cut. Regan revealed that Swift complemented the haircut after watching Regan work on Kelce’s hair several times.

Regan later mentioned in a Good Morning America interview that other barbers around the world are getting requests from customers to give them the Kelce haircut.

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