25 Moments Between Travis Kelce And Jason Kelce That Are, Honestly, So Wholesome And Funny

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1.First, when Travis Kelce found Jason Kelce on the field after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2023 Super Bowl, and he started crying and expressed how fun it was to get to share the field with Jason.

Travis and Jason Kelce embracing
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2.When Travis helped Jason with his garden, and Jason couldn't help but point out Travis was only there because he missed his college graduation.

Travis and Jason Kelce gardening
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3.And then, when Jason playfully made fun of Travis being a criminal justice major, and Trav had the perfect response.

"I've seen you pretty close."
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4.When they exchanged jerseys after the Eagles played the Chiefs in 2017, and it was just super sweet.

Travis kissing Jason on the cheek

5.When Jason explained why he went to the Kelce documentary premiere in shorts after his wife Kylie Kelce was running late, and Travis made fun of him for not remembering jeans.

"Because...I was at football."

6.When Jason and Travis started crying while talking about how amazing it was to see Donna Kelce get her moment in the spotlight during the Chiefs vs. Eagles Super Bowl.

"Yeah, oh man, fuck."

7.And when they literally couldn't get through the convo about their mom without crying, but tried their best.

Travis and Jason Kelce crying on their podcast

8.Just this adorable photo that their father Ed Kelce shared of his boys from when they were growing up in Ohio.

9. When Wyatt, Jason's daughter, asked Jason if she could say hi to Uncle Trav, and Travis was just so excited, and then his daughter Ellie showed off her stylish sunglasses.

New Heights / Via tiktok.com

10.When Wyatt absolutely nailed the intro for the New News segment on New Heights when Jason asked her to do it, and then she was just excited to see "Uncly Travvy."

"Uncle Travvy."

11.When Jason was so excited after Travis scored a touchdown during the Chiefs vs. Bills game in 2024 that, well, he jumped out of the box where he was watching the game, shirtless, and it became a meme.

jason cheering with his shirt off and holding a beer

12.When Jason hilariously revealed to Travis that he watched all of the Twilight movies over one weekend.

Jason and Travis Kelce on their podcast

13.And then, Jason went on to describe the plot of the movies in great detail, so much detail in fact that Travis took off his headphones because he couldn't deal with it anymore.

Jason and Travis on their podcast

The whole thing is great, so you can watch it below:

14.When Jason and Travis revealed that after Trav was kicked off the Cincinnati football team, Jason had him move in to his apartment so he could watch over him and help him.

Closeup shots of Jason and Travis Kelce

15.When Jason, who was also on Cincinnati's football team, expressed why he went to the coaching staff to get Travis a second chance.

"That's my role."

"I owe a lot of it, if not all of it, to the big bear. Without that big guy, I don't know. I don't know what I'd be doing," Travis added in the documentary Kelce.

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16.And then, when Travis got emotional over how much his brother believed in him during this time.

Closeup shots of Travis Kelce getting emotional

17.When Jason, who was drafted to the Eagles by coach Andy Reid, talked to Andy and explained why it was worth taking a chance on drafting Travis to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Closeup shots of Jason Kelce

18.When Travis asked Kylie and Jason how long they would let him watch their three daughters unsupervised, and Kylie had this perfect response.

"But then, who's watching you?"

19.When Jason went on the field after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship in 2024, and Jason expressed, while tearing up, how proud he was of him and how he knows how hard they worked to get here.

"Finish this motherfucker."

20.When Jason rushed out of the NFC Championship game in 2023 after the Eagles won so he could go to a bar with his parents and watch Travis and the Chiefs play.

Jason and his mother watching Travis Kelce play

Jason even wore a Chiefs sweatshirt until the Chiefs won and then took it off, joking, "I'm done with the Chiefs now."

Prime Video / CBS

21.When Travis held Bennett, Jason and Kylie's youngest daughter, for the first time.

Closeup of Travis Kelce holding Jason's daughter, Bennett
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22.When Jason brought up Taylor Swift changing the lyrics to "Karma" for Travis during one of her Eras Tour shows in Argentina.

Closeup of Jason and Travis Kelce on their podcast

23.When Travis and Jason told stories about how they were each kicked out of preschool — Jason for stabbing a kid with a spork and Travis for throwing a chair at a teacher — and all they did was wish Kylie good luck.

Closeup of Travis, Kylie, and Jason Kelce

24.When Jason joined Travis on Saturday Night Live when he hosted, and they appeared in a few sketches together.

Screenshots from "SNL"

25.And finally, when Donna Kelce wasn't afraid to admit, not once but TWICE, that Jason was her favorite.

"Not yet."