Transcarpathian "Sonechko" [Sunshine] unit captures Russian tank base

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Soldiers of the "Sonechko" [Sunshine] volunteer special unit from Transcarpathia have captured a Russian T-72B tank during a successful operation in the Donetsk region.

Source: Army Inform

Details: According to the commander of "Sonechka" [Sunshine] Ruslan Kaganets, the combat vehicle was acting as an advanced support point for Russian positions.

Military communication lines were connected to the tank, from where the Russian military unit that was operating in the area was controlled.

It is interesting that all the approaches to the tank were simply strewn with trip wires and decoy "secrets" [hidden observation posts – ed.], the soldier noted.

Direct speech: "This shows that the Rashists are very afraid of us, they try to protect themselves in every way and hide their "tin cans" in strips of forest. It's a pity that they still haven't understood that there’s nowhere to hide from Ukrainian soldiers."

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