Amy Schumer on That Epic 'Trainwreck' Dance Routine (Spoiler!)

Warning: Trainwreck spoilers to follow

What’s a successful romantic comedy without an epic dance-routine finale? One of the delightful surprises of the hit movie Trainwreck is a last-minute, high-spirited, high-kicking sequence featuring the Knick City Dancers — and, of course, star Amy Schumer. Her character, Amy, is trying to win back doctor boyfriend Aaron (Bill Hader) by joining the NBA cheerleading troupe for a surprise dance at Madison Square Garden, all set to one of Aaron’s favorite songs, Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl.”

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Schumer, who shows off some impressive moves, tells us, “I’m a very soulful dancer, so they kind of just showed it to me once, and I was like, ‘I got it.’” Seriously, though! The actress trained for a couple of hours every Saturday and Sunday for two months just to nail her moves. Her costar Hader deliberately stayed away from all that preparation in order to make Aaron’s surprise more believable. “It had that real energy of a surprise, and when I saw it for the first time and “Uptown Girl” came on, I legitimately started to cry. I was very moved by it,” he says. Good thing, because Schumer admits, “I was in a lot of pain.”