The Tragic Drowning That Inspired Rachel Beanland's Florence Adler Swims Forever

Rachel Beanland can't remember a time when she didn't know the family story which inspired her book, Florence Adler Swims Forever. The novel, set in 1934 Atlantic City, follows the Adler family as they struggle with the sudden loss of their teenage daughter Florence, and the decision to keep Florence's drowning a secret from their other daughter, Fannie, at the time convalescing at a maternity hospital due to her high-risk pregnancy.Based on Rachel's own great, great aunt Florence Lowenthal and the breathtaking decision her family made to hide her death to protect Florence's sister–Rachel's great grandmother–the novel is rich with atmospheric historical details, explorations into the weight of family secrets, and uplifting tributes to the endurance of the human spirit. Pre-order your copy of the book here: