Trae Tha Truth Turns Himself In To Authorities After Z-Ro Presses Charges

Trae Tha Truth turned himself in to Houston authorities on Thursday evening (Dec. 29). The 42-year-old is facing assault charges brought against him by his cousin, Z-Ro, after an August altercation.

The scuffle between the Houston rappers reportedly took place after a celebrity basketball game hosted by 50 Cent. Footage shows several men jumping the “Help Me Please” rapper outside of a restaurant while he is curled up in a ball. Trae can be seen trying to hold the men back before ultimately stepping in and making verbal threats alongside his crew.

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“[I was] minding my business and when I walked outside, I’m called over to the side of a sprinter van and [Trae] was like, ‘Ay, when you get finished doin’ that, come take this walk with me right quick,” Z-Ro told TMZ.

“I was like, ‘You talkin’ to me?’ I had to make sure he was talking to me ’cause I mean, I see you everywhere, you see me everywhere. So when I walked over there, the only thing I saw after that was this [gestures to being punched in the face].”

Trae offered a different perspective in a now-deleted Instagram video. “It wasn’t no 7-on-1 situation. It wasn’t no blindside ambush. That’s not what this is. This is family business, internal stuff that’s been going on for 10, 15 years that’s probably been building up and just spilled over into sh*t.”

Trae Tha Truth is currently out on bail and awaiting the next steps in this case. Footage from the “Here I Go” rapper turning himself in shows him being embraced by onlookers, as he is beloved for his philanthropic efforts in and out of Houston.

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