Trae tha Truth Gives Background on Z-Ro Fight Video: ‘This is Family Business, Internal Stuff’

Image via Getty/Emma McIntyre
Image via Getty/Emma McIntyre

Trae tha Truth has spoken out following video footage that surfaced over the weekend that appears to show him and a group of men jumping fellow Texas artist Z-Ro.

The clip below shows several men punching Z-Ro as he lies on the ground outside of Tycoon Houston.

Trae added that he and Z-Ro communicated prior to the skirmish, though it clearly did not stop the fight from happening.

“It ain’t no hate for that man,” Trae continued. “You gotta understand I’m not gon,’ I’m never gon’ let nobody hurt or harm him. And that’s as simple as it can be. As far as the blogs, as far as everybody who had something to say that I’ve seen, you gotta keep that same energy.”

Ultimately, Trae said he takes accountability for the altercation and is willing to move past it so that their feud does not escalate any further.

Z-Ro has yet to respond to Trae’s Instagram post.

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