Trae Tha Truth Donates Supplies To Families Affected By Mississippi Water Crisis

Trae Tha Truth is back in superhero mode!

The Houston rapper and philanthropist made his way to Jackson, Miss. earlier this month to help those affected by the water crisis of brown polluted water running through their pipes.

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Trae Tha Truth was on the grounds of Mississippi hand-delivering and installing over 100 water filters to families, and giving instructions on how to use them. He also provided groceries, distributed other essential supplies to 50 families, and made time to listen to citizens’ concerns. Some residents revealed having water issues with the city for over there decades.

“[They’re] definitely grateful because, you know, just the fact of knowing somebody can be out there that even take the time to understand their situation,” he told Click 2 Houston. “Something that I found out that a lot of us didn’t know is this has been going on since the 80s and 90s out there. So, you know, we think it has been happening for two weeks not knowing it’s been almost two decades that they have had pure water,” Trae said.

After a disturbing video of the city’s water quality went viral on social media weeks ago, many began to get more involved in resolving the issue. In the clip, a running faucet poured out an opaque brown substance. Mississippi officials blamed contamination of the water on insufficient resources, old and leaky pipes, and heavy storms. One of the city’s two water-treatment plants has been shut down, without many solutions offered to residents.

Trae posted his good deed on his Instagram feed and captioned a photo of him meeting with multiple families, “Jackson Mississippi, Its Messed Up Watching Y’all Go Thru this… We heard YOU loud and clear! We Here… Any Families In Need Tapp In [praying hands emoji].”

Following Trae’s post, some viewers accused him of trying to camouflage an alleged recent run-in with fellow Houston rapper Z-Ro, by posting his charity work. However, the Billboard Change Maker Award recipient isn’t new to putting forth philanthropic efforts. Brawl or not, Trae has been vocal and hands-on when it comes to social injustices, racism, disparities affecting the nation, his fans’ needs, and more.

In 2020, Trae widely became known for developing a close relationship and becoming a significant figure in the life of a young cancer patient Lyric Chanel. The two shared several memories together, including studio visits, attending events around Houston, meeting with other celebrities, and more. Trae’s selfless efforts didn’t go unnoticed as other celebrities like Beyoncé began to show their support, too. Sadly, Lyric passed away from complications with a brain tumor in 2021, yet Trae’s activism has been ongoing since then.


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