Watch the 'ridiculous' opening scene scrapped from 'Toy Story 4' (exclusive)

Toy Story 4 is a practically pitch-perfect animated sequel, but like any Pixar production — which tend to take about four years to produce — it took plenty of trial and error to coalesce into its final form.

In the bonus features from the hit film's upcoming Blu-ray and digital release (from which you can watch an exclusive clip above), director Josh Cooley reveals the movie originally began with a cold open that was ultimately entirely scrapped. The sequence, which plays out as an animatic (animated storyboard) with placeholder voice over, is also presented.

The scene found Young Bonnie engaged in Playtime mode, living out a fantasy sequence among her treasured playthings Woody (Tom Hanks) and friends. They're in a discount store when the toys notice a storm approaching. Only it's not rain on the way, it's Bonnie's worst nightmare … books.

"Where we were going with the story was Bonnie was having trouble in school, and she didn't want to read," Cooley explains. "That’s why there are books that are kind of villains in this Playtime. That ultimately went nowhere because there are really no stakes at all there.

"This was an insane Playtime that we just went to 11 with. It was ridiculous but it was fun to watch."

Toy Story 4 is available for digital streaming/download on Oct. 1 and on Blu-ray and 4K UHD Oct. 8.

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