Tortured Poets Department (Disney's Version) is a delight for fans

 Disney recreates Taylor Swift album.
Disney recreates Taylor Swift album.
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Disney is hopping on the Tortured Poets Department hype train by recreating Taylor Swift's latest album with stills from its most iconic films. With the Eras Tour film making its debut on Disney Plus, Miss Swift and Disney already go hand in hand. The fitting collection of Disney homages perfectly aligns with the new album's top songs, proving that Taylor and Disney are a match made in heaven.

Most of us would agree that Taylor Swift is brilliant at branding but in this case, genius marketing has come to her. With Disney fans and Swifites alike flocking to share their delight at the Disney-fied song covers, it seems that (Disney's Version) is a resounding hit.

Taking to Facebook, Disney shared recreations of the album's top songs such as 'I Can Do It With a Broken Heart', 'LOML' and 'So Long, London' in Taylor's signature soft monochrome aesthetic. My personal favourites include a homage to 'But Daddy I Love Him' with a shot of the little mermaid and Prince Eric. An honourable mention also goes out to Beauty and the Beast as a representation of 'I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)'.

For Pixar fans, there's a (Pixar's Version) too, featuring shots from Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and UP among other fan favourites. If the album wasn't enough to tug at our heartstrings, Pixar took it one step further with a picture of Carl from UP sitting next to an empty chair with the caption 'I Can Do It With a Broken Heart' – if you know you know.

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