Toronto's Golde London Drops New Music Video "Lit Chick"

Sydney Brasil
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Image via Publicist

Ahead of her album BLESSED BE THE JAWN, Toronto rapper Golde London just dropped the music video for her track “Lit Chick.”

“‘Lit Chick’ is just one of the many moments of pure music on my upcoming album. This single represents the evolution of my art to something even more emphatic, emotive, intimate, and universal,” says Golde London. “I want to bring a different element of creativity into all my musical pieces to captivate my listeners into my various flows and melodies.”

The music video shows London against multiple different backdrops, including a snowy blue set, an elevator, and a pink room filled with PA system speakers.

Produced by JesterBeats, “Lit Chick” is her follow-up to last month’s “Born To Win” featuring Gizzle Starrmade.

London, who also goes by G Londo, is a former member of all-female Toronto dance group Da Baddest Bratz.

In 2018, her freestyle “Walk” premiered on WorldStarHipHop.

The release date for BLESSED BE THE JAWN has yet to be announced.

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