Toronto Ranked As Canada's ‘Rattiest’ City For The Second Straight Year

  Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images
Nurphoto / NurPhoto via Getty Images

For a second year in a row, Toronto has been dubbed as Canada's "rattiest" city, meaning they have the highest rodent population in the country.

The list was done buy pest control company Orkin Canada.

Toronto and Vancouver competed for top spot on this year's list. Meanwhile, several other of Canada’s metropolises also made an appearance. That includes Scarborough, Mississauga, Ottawa, and Moncton.

“Rat and mice calls used to be expected primarily in the fall and winter as they escape the cold outdoors, but now they are becoming a year-round effort,” said Dr Alice Sinia, Orkin Canada Pest Specialist and Entomologist.

Here are the top 10 rattiest cities in Canada in 2023:

1. Toronto2. Vancouver3. Burnaby4. Kelowna5. Mississauga6. Richmond7. Victoria8. Ottawa9. Scarborough10. Moncton

The company also offered some tips to keeping your home pest free, including sealing crack and holes, installing screens on utility ducts, and keeping your garbage area tidy.

Canadians reacted to the news on X.

"Well it's the largest city in Canada so I guess that makes sense," said one user responding to CP24's coverage of the story.

"Ratty gang," said another.

"I honestly prefer rats to pigeons any day," added one more.

Of course, lots of people made politics jokes as well.

Tim Hortons recently had to issue an apology after a video of rats running around one of their stores went viral.