Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell Name-Dropped Booster Gold, And Now I Need Him To Play The DC Character

 Glen Powell and Booster Gold
Glen Powell and Booster Gold
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At this point, it seems like every actor in Hollywood either already is playing a comic book superhero in the movies or has been talked to about playing a comic book superhero in the movies. And yet, following the news that DC Studios has a slate of TV and film projects on the horizon, almost all of which will not include anybody who previously played a DC hero, they are going to need a lot of actors to fill those roles. Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell is one actor not currently playing a superhero, but he’s at least familiar with one upcoming DC project, Booster Gold, and he might be perfect.

If you’re an actor not currently playing a superhero in the movies then you’re an actor rumored to be playing a superhero in the movies. Glen Powell falls into the latter category. He’s already been rumored to have his name attached to playing Cyclops whenever the X-Men get rebooted. Speaking with ET, Powell says he’s also heard people talk about him playing Hal Jordan, but interestingly, the first character he brings up is actually Booster Gold, a character we now know will be getting his one HBO Max series. And Powell does admit to liking the character, saying…

Booster Gold is really funny, Booster Gold’s a funny one.

Honestly, Glen Powell sounds like a perfect candidate to play Booster Gold. He’s got the classic movie star good looks that are actually quite important to the character, as a lot of what makes Booster Gold successful in his bid to fake his way into being a superhero is that he has the right look.

Powell admits to not being well-versed in the world of comics but says he watches all the DC and Marvel movies and likes them, so it certainly sounds like he’d be interested in a superhero role if it came his way. And despite the fact that Powell has had his name attached to Cyclops in the past, he specifically says here he’s never had a meeting with Marvel Studios at all.

However, he does not say the same thing about DC. The word is that new DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran are already talking to somebody about the Booster Gold role, so it certainly could be Glen Powell.

If Powell would like to play a character with a bit of a comedic bent, Booster Gold would work. If he’d like to play a character that’s a bit more serious, we know that Hal Jordan will be one of the lead characters of the new Lanterns series. And if that doesn’t work, there will likely be no shortage of new characters to choose from as time goes on. We know DC Studios is planning for the next decade of projects, if Glen Powell wants to play a DC hero, he’ll likely get a chance.