Top 6 moments of ‘Survivor 45’ episode 1: A new cast, 3 vastly different tribes and a wild tribal council

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The premiere episode of “Survivor 45” aired on Wednesday night, concluding with host Jeff Probst snuffing out the torch of Hannah Rose. The 33-year old therapist from Baltimore, Maryland was the first castaway sent home after being “voted out” by the Lulu tribe. Well, she begged to go home. Did they make the right decision? And what were the dumbest, most shocking and most exciting moments of this inaugural episode of the season?

Below, read our “Survivor 45” Episode 1 Top 6 moments. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite castaways on CBS’s reality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Survivor” winners list and take home the $1 million grand prize.

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Top 6 Moments of Episode 1:

1. The Cast is Revealed: Once again the casting department has outdone itself with a a group of contestants that looks just as exciting as the last two seasons. And whoever cast Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup, Kendra McQuarrie, and Jake O’Kane, thank you. I think I have found the most amusing contestants of the season so far. Watching everyone arrive on the boat and hearing their intro videos helped me separate the group into individuals I like already and others that I need to see more from. But as we all know, first impressions can change over the course of a season. I would be remiss if I did not address the return of Season 44 favorite Bruce Perreault, who is finally getting a fair shake at playing the game after getting medically evacuated on Day 1 last season.

2. Nice to Meet You, Here is a Challenge: No time was wasted before all three tribes (Lulu, Reba, and Belo) were put into action. In the beginning, there seemed to be an even playing field as this mini challenge introduced us to some of the perceived contestants with advantages in challenges. I could not help but notice that a good amount of those contestants quickly learned that this was not going to be as easy as anticipated. The Lulu tribe was off to a surprisingly good start until Brandon Donlon got stuck on that ladder. In the end, the Reba tribe won and looked thrilled.

3. Sweat vs Savvy: The four contestants involved in the Sweat vs. Savvy comp stood out to me already as they had an hour to move 40 logs and complete a puzzle. Remember, this is the first day and they are already experiencing the pressure in a new and inventive way, complete with pressure to succeed for one’s tribe since the alternative will put a target on one’s back. After an impressive performance from both teams, Brandon “Brando” Meyer and Jake quickly emerged as two of my favorites so far. In the end, both teams failed to complete the challenge.

4. Targets Emerge: Jake’s profession became the talk of camp as apparently the idea of a lawyer potentially winning this show is taboo. Maybe it is a good thing to lie after all! Meanwhile at Lulu, Emily’s negative attitude did not win her any fans and she seemed even more baffled by the talk of the pyramids in Egypt being batteries. Honestly, I would have been too. At Reba, hunting for idols was a goal for Sifu and his search was very much evident. Honestly, not a good way to win people over and he might be digging his own grave if that behavior continues. Austin Li Coon was savvier about doing the exact same thing and quickly discovered a “Beware Advantage” and said “YOLO”. He then received a series of tasks in order to gain back his ability to vote at tribal council. He seemingly took this in stride though but was a bit nervous.

5. Immunity Time: I love a good immunity challenge, and this being the first week I was expecting something less foreboding. Don’ get me wrong, it had aspects of past challenges and it was super fun to watch, but all of these at once seemed a bit mean. Also, I love the immunity idol this season and think it would look amazing on my bookshelf. Each tribe did a commendable job in this one and everyone gave 110% but the Lulu tribe really struggled. In comparison to the other two tribes that looked like well-oiled machines, they paled in comparison. Somehow, Brandon survived but more performances like that will most likely lead to an early goodbye. In the end, the Belo and Reba tribes emerged victorious, sending Lulu to tribal council.

6. Chaos at the First Tribal Council: By this point of the competition, Lulu had some solid contenders to vote off and honestly a solid case could be made for all of them to go home. Hannah seemed willing to be voted off and made that abundantly clear, yet she wanted to strategize. Just bizarre. Brandon’s pain and anxiety was also coming into effect, which made him a solid option as well since he is indeed a liability. Then, there is Emily, who is piloting the negativity train but was very much aware of the massive target on her back. At tribal council, small talk led to some revelations and major points. Hannah begged to get voted out while Emily just came across as a mean girl. Sabiyah Broderick, Kaleb Gebrewold, and Sean Edwards clearly were not fans of her either. Ultimately, Hannah’s wish was the tribe’s command and no votes needed to be cast. Nobody likes a quitter and it was disappointing to watch Hannah walk away praying that there was no “Edge of Extinction” twist to keep her around.

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