Top 5 moments of ‘Survivor 46’ episode 2: New alliances, fake idols and a tribal council to remember

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The second episode of “Survivor 46” aired on Wednesday night, concluding with host Jeff Probst snuffing out the torch of Jessica “Jess” Chong. The 37-year-old from San Francisco was the second castaway sent home after being unanimously voted out by the Yanu tribe. But the tribe make the right decision? And what were the dumbest, most shocking and most exciting moments of this inaugural episode of the season?

Below, read our “Survivor 46” Episode 2 Top 5 moments. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite castaways on CBSs reality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Survivor” winners list and take home the $1 million grand prize.

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Top 5 Moments of Episode 2:

1. Camp Life: At Yanu, Bhanu Gopal began the episode trying to navigate the game, which prompted Kenzie Petty to realize that he might need to go sooner rather than later. Others noticed that she was playing a subtle game, which was a spot-on observation that reminded me of the great Cirie Fields minus the underestimation from her tribemates. At Nami, Tevin Davis and Hunter McKnight continued to be great television, while Venus Vafa had a major target on her back. In all fairness, I felt bad for her as she really did not deserve all this heat right off the bat and needed a friend as Soda Thompson was distancing herself from her. Siga was having a better time and really celebrated making fire as Ben Katzman became one of my favorites there. He is very much an open book, which I love since he reminds me of Mike Gabler. Charlie Davis summed up the alliances at camp quickly, which was nice to see. He and Maria Shrime Gonzalez are playing “Survivor” 101 with sub-alliances, ride or dies, and chess playing while the others are playing checkers.

2. Idols, a Potential Blindside and New Bonds: Everyone at Nami was idol hunting, but Randen Montalvo found the beware advantage first and I was happy it was him since we saw so little of him on screen last week. He was less than thrilled to read the rules of the beware advantage as he lost his vote, and was terrified about how long he would be voteless. He shared this news with Venus, ending her misery as a loner. Liz Wilcox did herself no favors with her social game, continuing to talk AT people rather than WITH them. Back at Yanu, Jess began feeling more comfortable around her tribemates and even was part of gameplay discussion, even if her answers were noncommittal. She also began planning to blindside Kenzie, which was a smart idea since the latter is playing too hard too fast for this early in the game. Siga remained the tribe of less distrust as everyone seemingly had no animosity towards one another. They also were good at coming up with nicknames. Charlie cemented himself as king of the Swifties as he is really using his knowledge about her to his advantage regarding his social game. I could watch the “Name That Song” game all day.

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3. Immunity Time: Before the challenge began, the other tribes were curious about why David Jelinsky was voted off, with the jokes flying and Bhanu making his intention to win immunity this week obvious. The challenge itself was really fun to watch. Added bonus, the first two tribes to finish would also get fishing equipment. Construction of the word puzzle at the end was captivating, with Siga being oddly gifted at that skill. In a close race with many close calls and great editing, Nami and Siga emerged victorious. A dejected Yanu was going to Tribal Council again.

4. Camp Chaos: Bhanu, who was highly emotional, and Tiffany Nicole Ervin were especially annoyed, with the latter angry at Jess. In all fairness, anyone would be, but Bhanu’s emotions during the challenge were all over the place. Tiffany immediately broke into tears at camp over possibly being perceived as a stereotype and over-emotional. With no doubt that either Jess or Bhanu were on the chopping block, the tribe had a semi-easy choice to make, which somehow was made more complicated by Kenzie’s creation of a fake idol for Jess to find. Honestly, too much too soon and the shot in the dark has only been played successfully once so they were overreacting. Jess’ inability to find the fake idol was amusing and prompted Q Burdette to lie straight to Jess’ face, convincingly. Bhanu then injured himself, which was deemed “the cherry on top” of their misfortune. He was shocked to hear that Tiffany and Kenzie were targeting him, but with Q on board potentially, it all relied on Tiffany for a blindside on Kenzie to succeed.

5. A Tribal Council to Remember: With all the drama in place, there were now three names on the chopping block with Tiffany as the deciding factor. For an early Tribal Council, the tone was especially acrimonious yet calm, which was a weird amalgamation. Bhanu’s emotional plea to remain in the game was full of information, leaving his tribemates flabbergasted. He apparently has no idea of the phrase “loose lips sink ships.” In the end, Jess was voted out, but Bhanu was left feeling like a fool.

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