Top 5 moments of ‘Survivor 46’ episode 5: Yanu’s comeback, distrust at camp and new faces at Tribal Council

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The fifth episode of “Survivor 46” aired on Wednesday night, concluding with host Jeff Probst snuffing out the torch of Jemila “Jem” Hussain-Adams, who left with an idol in her pocket. The 32-year-old from Chicago was the fifth person sent home after being voted out by the Siga tribe. A memorable moment to say the least. But what were the dumbest, most shocking and most exciting moments of this episode?

Below, read our “Survivor 46” Episode 5 Top 5 moments. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite castaways on CBS’s reality TV show, who annoys you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Survivor” winners list and take home the $1 million grand prize.

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Top 5 Moments of Episode 5:

1. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Yanu?: Every so often, the “Survivor” gods want to make viewers lose their minds a little bit and throw us a tribe with zero positivity. This time it’s Yanu. The reminder of the Bhanu Gopal chaos just might be the last we see of him sadly though. Kenzie Petty, Q Burdette, and Tiffany Nicole Ervin were expectedly disappointed by their performance so far, but given this is “Survivor” I could sense something would be afoot after the preview for this week and boy was it worth the wait for them.

2. Camp Life: At Siga, Ben Katzman continued to be an intriguing mix of rock and roll and fortune cookie knowledge, which is always amusing. At the same time, the others did notice that the combination of Ben and the Taylor Swift loving Charlie Davis could be a problem down the road. Jem continued to perpetuate the myth that someone other than her has the beware advantage. Tim Spicer did not quite believe her though. Nami was less energetic early in the episode as they all were looking for the immunity idol, especially Hunter McKnight, who astutely said that it was right under his nose and he had no clue. Venus Vafa bonded with him for a little bit before he found the beware advantage. Last but certainly not least, Yanu continued to be the island of misfit toys with everyone down in the dumps, especially Q.

3. Immunity on the Line: This immunity challenge looked like something I would enjoy doing, which is not normal for a non-sporty person. Maybe it was the pastries as the reward that won me over? Jeff wasted little time to point out that Yanu could potentially be the most losing tribe in the show’s new era, which felt like shade at the highest degree, if they were to lose this one. To the surprise of nobody, Hunter was especially skilled at this challenge. Nami won immunity first as the other two fought it out for safety. Against all odds, Yanu finally tasted victory, preventing a horrible stat from existing in the “Survivor” history books. Sadly, Siga would go the Tribal Council instead.

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4. Another Journey and Siga Doubts: Q opted to go on the journey alongside Hunter and Tim, which is a fun trio on paper. This trio quickly established a bond and formed an alliance that seemed a little too good to be true. The task at the journey seemed impossible but Hunter made quick work as he was able to remember the order of seasons based on past contestants. Unfortunately, he failed miserably and lost his vote. Charlie was more concerned about Tribal Council, which was the normal reaction. Siga was worried about idols and advantages making an appearance later that night, including that beware advantage. Jem wasted no time to do the tasks to regain her vote, which involved “fun” math that would make me pull my hair out. In the end, she succeeded, regaining her vote and obtaining her idol. The ladies planned to take out Ben, much to Charlie’s chagrin. Ironically, nobody seemed to believe Tim, as Jem interrogated Ben while holding a machete and he held a hammer. Ben then began targeting Jem despite not having a vote himself. Charlie and Maria Shrime Gonzalez were left as the deciding votes here.

5. A Tribal Council with New Faces: It struck me as funny that members of Siga seemed super excited at Tribal Council, given the chaos that would undoubtably unfold no matter who got voted out. Charlie and Moriah Gaynor fared the best in my opinion. On the flip side, Tim and Ben struck me as having a lot of nervous energy. In the end “Jem” was voted off with an idol in her pocket as a souvenir.

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