Top 5 moments of ‘Survivor 45’ episode 8: The auction returns and juror #2 takes a seat …

The eighth episode of “Survivor 45” aired on Wednesday night, concluding with host Jeff Probst snuffing out the torch of Kellie Nalbandian. The 29-year old from New York became the second member of the jury. But did the tribe make the right decision? And what were the dumbest, most shocking and most exciting moments of this episode?

Below, read our “Survivor 45” Episode 8 Top 5 moments. Then be sure to sound off in the comments section about your favorite castaways on CBS’s reality TV show, who bothers you the most and who you think will ultimately join the “Survivor” winners list and take home the $1 million grand prize.

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Top 5 Moments of Episode 8:

1. One Big, Not So Happy Family: Everyone was all smiles when they returned to camp, but Jake O’Kane felt especially betrayed after last week’s tribal council. Julie Alley noted that trust in Jake was gone for her and that old tribal alliances were returning. The ladies began floating the idea of an all-women’s alliance to pick off the boys one by one. News of the return of the Survivor Auction (the first since 2015) brightened everyone’s moods. The only twist was that they had to find the money in the jungle to spend at the auction. Never a dull day on this show as everyone but Bruce Perrault searched like children looking for Easter eggs. Honestly, he seemed unbothered by the return of this “Survivor” classic, but I was more shocked that it was real money they were finding and not faux cash.

2. The Return of the Survivor Auction: Jeff seemed thrilled to bring back this iconic game, gloating that this was the most risky part of gameplay so far. The first item of salty pretzels and a beer went for a surprisingly high price to Kendra McQuarrie. Personally, I felt like the French fries went for a really low price to Kellie Nalbandian. Suffice to say I had many opinions on the auction, but two items made my day. The first was Emily Flippen’s cold cut and wine platter that looked similar to something I have every Christmas. A close second for me was the toothpaste and mouth wash, the one I would be dying for if I was there. Jake’s snagged chocolate cake and got to choose two friends to devour it with. In the end, Bruce lost his vote at the next tribal council, which put a target on his back unless he won immunity.

3. Tough Choices: After the auction, spirits were up at camp. We also learned more about Kendra’s past, which was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. However, there was still a game to play. Emily was unsure about an all-women alliance and began weighing her options, telling Drew about the new development. Drew was intrigued by this as a way to flush out Bruce’s idol. By this point, Bruce was also blissfully unaware of any of this.

4. Immunity Up for Grabs: Jeff offered up a bag of rice if four people sat out the challenge. He even popped a hole in the bag as some sort of blackmail. This all made me smile since that was pure fear on their faces. In a test of will power, strength, and balance, this challenge was an open field between those participating. The victor would prove to be Bruce, who forced his opponents to find a plan B for tribal council, saving his idol for another week. Katurah was especially disappointed.

5. The Second Member of the Jury: A gleeful Bruce got to sit back and relax as insanity occurred at camp. Jake was targeted and began searching for an immunity idol with Kellie fearing for her own safety. Jake also opted to ask if Bruce would play his idol for him. Drew targeted Kellie with a plan to flush out the idol, Jake, and Bruce down the road. At tribal council, Jeff still seemed glad that he negotiated the rice situation like he did but Jake noted that at this point it is still everyone for themselves with no emphasis on the tribe as a whole. He also noted that he was aware that he was on the chopping block, but stands by his actions at the prior tribal council. Jake even opted to play his Shot in the Dark, which was unsuccessful. In the end, a shocked Kellie was blindsided and even asked Austin Li Coon if he was part of it. Jake was thrilled and Kellie was heartbroken. I love nothing more than to see over-confidence in a plan fall apart for complacent players, so this was a good warning for players who think they are safe at any stage. Will she be an open-minded jury member though? Not quite sure.

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