Top 10 most anticipated movies of the summer

To be candid, the summer of 2022 will likely not be confused with any of the greatest summer movie seasons ever. Hollywood is still digging out of a pandemic, after all, and there’s a clear indication we’re reaching the end of the backlog of high profile releases delayed over the past two years. How belated is the release of Top Gun: Maverick? Initial filming on the three-plus-decades-later sequel was completed over three years ago.

But there’s still plenty of mega-films to get excited about, including two Marvel movies (Thor 4 and Doctor Strange 2), another jaunt into Jurassic World, and the Toy Story-spinoff Lightyear. Moviegoers who bemoan the dominance of sequels and franchises should also be happy to hear there’s plenty of original fare, too, including the latest mind-bender from Jordan Peele (Nope), Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis Presley biopic (Elvis) and an actioner teaming Brad Pitt with a high-speed locomotive (Bullet Train) — not to mention some super-buzzy indies.

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