Top 10 Female Life Coaches Transforming Lives in 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2020 / With the current situation of the world, the role of a life coach is more important now than ever. Helping to guide women from all walks of life in their own unique ways, here we present 10 incredible life coaches, who are leading the way and transforming lives across the world in 2020:

1. Betty Banks


Influencer turned reality TV celebrity, now life coach Bettina Banks is serving women through guiding and transforming them into their higher selves, through NLP techniques, Spiritual Shadow Healing and Intuitive Works. As the person who always desired more in life, Betty had an epiphany that broke her free of the limiting beliefs society imposed on her - which she felt her duty to share. Betty then developed her 12-week program, supporting women through 1:1 mentoring and group coaching, particularly for those struggling with their own limiting beliefs. Betty understands how past trauma can impact current life situations, which is where her transformative processes work to create massive shifts in beliefs, leading women into self-validation, self-love and worth - enabling them to become their higher selves no matter how traumatic their past. Betty teaches her strategies in her ‘Shadows Program', which has had a 99% success rate of personal actualisations and breakthroughs. Having created a community of loving, interactive, engaged and motivated women, it's no wonder why so many of her clients work with Betty year after year.

2. Nora DeKeyser


Upon noticing the need for her particular set of skills, Nora DeKeyser made the transition from professional matchmaker to a professional life coach. Nora's unique coaching methods have helped her clients reconnect with their inner confidence and authenticity. Through her company, Nora DeKeyser Coaching, Nora teaches the art of personal connection and empowerment throughout all aspects of an individual's personal and professional life. Having worked with some of the world's most successful CEO's and entrepreneurs during her matchmaking career, Nora learnt the secret to what men and women truly want. She realized that no matter how financially successful her clients were, they were still craving more, so she decided to create a business to teach people how to have it all: a wonderful relationship, amazing success, and finding true happiness. "I used to be a people-pleaser - my first experience of love was emotionally abusive, and I had no idea how to love myself. After years of work with my own coach, and years of experience as a matchmaker, I devised my own method to finding yourself, loving yourself, and creating a life and relationship that follows suit," Nora explained. Nora is an incredibly passionate coach, who has been able to inspire and empower countless clients to live their best lives.

3. Laura Murillo


New mom Laura Murillo found it impossible to find not only a job that was flexible but one that didn't require years of experience from a recent chemistry graduate. As a result, for the first time in her life, Laura had lost her sense of direction. Feeling stuck, Laura's self-esteem plummeted. Deciding to take back control, Laura took this as an opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and use her situation to her advantage. Through this experience, Laura found her purpose and passion: helping millennial women by empowering them to become confident in both their personal and professional lives. Laura's 3-step framework, "Transform, Elevate & Unleash", has produced amazing results for her clients. Within 4 months of starting her business, Laura's content has gone viral, gaining her 10,000 new Instagram followers in just 1 week. Laura has enabled women with the strength to leave toxic relationships, publish their own books, start their own podcasts and YouTube channels, as well as the confidence to leave their 9-5's to start their own online coaching businesses. Laura now has coaching packages for women from all walks of life. "It's about building interpersonal relationships that's going to help my client have the transformation they deserve," Laura said. Well-educated on techniques to build a personal brand, Laura now teaches other women how to build up their own, whilst giving them the tools to become accountable for themselves.

4. Ashton Williams


Packing up & leaving her former life behind at just 15 years old, Ashton Williams had big dreams for herself. Having dealt with her own PTSD throughout the years, Ashton's own life experience makes her more than qualified to help others navigate through their own mental health issues. All of her experiences lead Ashton to start The BadAsh Babe™ - A company devoted to helping individuals navigate their mental health, use it as their greatest asset, and level up their own personal development. Bridging the gap between mental health and personal development, the way we think, feel, and behave is the greatest force that can move any energy possible to get us on the path to our intentional vision. "I believe, when you navigate your mental health with ease, you take authentic action," Ashton said. With more mental struggle in the world than ever, Ashton shows how everyone's story, no matter how unique, is able to amplify purpose towards each individual's intentional vision. She has created a beautiful space for personal growth that pushes individuals to use their stories to expand their success.

5. Reka Robinson


Unlike many mentors who can only talk the talk, Reka Robinson is walking her talk by using her personal experiences to transform the lives of other women. After surviving an abusive relationship, Reka has had a hard but needed journey in self-healing, and instead of dwelling on the past she has chosen growth and to help other women grow and navigate the uncertain path back to oneself; the path of healing. Reka's online community and resource Single You, has empowered countless women from all walks of life to learn how to fall in love with themselves and find fulfillment outside of relationships. Reka has a proven track record of helping women realize that they have purpose beyond their relationship status. Many women often attach negative emotions to the idea of being single - something Reka is quick to call out and teaches how to overcome this self-sabotaging and limiting belief. "What I have found is that there is always someone who has gone through what you've gone through and if you know that, you will feel less alone in this world," Reka explained. Showing women that self-awareness is their super-power and guiding them along their own journeys, Reka leads by example and her mission is to be a light for women, using her own story to help women find strength, to create intrinsic happiness, and show women how to take their power back.

6. Lorrie Gray


Saving lives one coaching session at a time from her Los Angeles home, Lorrie Gray is an expert in teaching the logic of emotions and shifting people's long-held core beliefs. Using simple tools acquired from years of experience, Lorrie is able to help her clients develop the skills needed to see massive results in any area of life. Her first book, "Becoming Aphrodite," is a raw and vulnerable window into her own journey of learning to love her body and self, despite lifelong body image issues compounded with debilitating chronic illness. It is perhaps the strongest evidence for the transformation she's able to create for her clients. Lorrie's unique coaching style goes beyond that of the conventional life coach, as she tailors everything specifically to each individual's need, with her natural energy and connection helping things resonate on a deeper level. "I help my clients come to a deep understanding of themselves so that they know why they weren't taking action in the first place. Only once we really know the problem-down to its root-do we find the path to true change," Lorrie said. A true transformation expert, when she's not changing lives, you'll find her with a cup of coffee in hand sharing laughs with her family.

7. Catherine Dean


If you're looking for a life coach that will hype you up like your own personal cheerleader, look no further than Catherine Dean. Suffering panic attacks and extreme anxiety six years ago, Cat lost her voice and sense of who she was, becoming a shell of a person. During those six years of navigating the personal development scene and self improvement, Cat decided to launch a podcast, the ‘Hype Girl Podcast', and shortly after she launched her own program for women, Hype Girl Coaching. The hype girl brand is all about inspiring a life that puts fear and anxiety in its place while giving rise to courage, bravery, and boldness. "After losing myself I rose to become an anxiety warrior and I made it my mission to live a hype life and coach others on overcoming anxiety and unleashing their inner hype girl," Cat explained. Cat's fiery and passionate attitude, coupled with her ability to connect and communicate in ways that dig far deeper than surface level, she's been able to help women around the globe rid their limiting beliefs and create a happier, more abundant life.

8. Ellie Erickson


Life coach is a strange word to Ellie Erickson, even though she's been playing coach with acquaintances, friends, and family for years. Having spent hundreds of hours reading personal growth books, listening to relationship podcasts, and analysing her own life, she's the ‘go to gal' for all of life lessons and advice. Ellie has such a passion for watching people thrive and feeling accomplished. Her main focus is on dating and relationship coaching, but the whole first half of her program, which is catered to an individual and their needs, focuses on the individual. If an individual is feeling good, sexy and confident they will attract the right people and life opportunities. Ellie's whole program and the client's journey is focused on getting the individual to a place where they can conquer anything and feel like a million bucks while doing it. Every element of Ellie's coaching comes from first-hand experience - openly discussing her life, dating, relationships, mishaps and mistakes. The whole experience is relatable and relaxing, ensuring her clients always warm and feel comfortable, promoting a non-judgement zone. Ellie genuinely cares about her client's life, and the outcome of their sessions, she will be your biggest cheerleader, you just need to put in the work.

9. Natasha Black

Mother of 2 from the Gold Coast Australia, Natasha Black is a Spiritual Embodiment coach, Mystic, Writer and Creative, who is whole heartedly dedicated to helping people shift their perception from fear to love. With at least 10 years of personal growth herself, she is passionate about serving others and sharing how she took her journey from stress, judgment and frustration to personal freedom, joy and contentment. "Being spiritual is just about remembering who you are, not about becoming someone through a set of conditions, action, rituals, or reaching a place of 'enlightenment'," Natasha explained. Loving to see others living to their full potential while being consciously minded, Natasha has been able to embody living in the present and guide her students in the same direction. Natasha is deeply passionate about coaching others and really just enjoys sharing what has worked for her from her own mistakes and learnings, to help others in their process of navigating life and making decisions which empower them. Natasha works 1-1 with people and also has a membership group where she shares her time and learnings in there for people to enjoy and take what they need. With a soft, nurturing nonjudgmental approach and a good sense of humour, Natasha offers exactly what we all need for both personal and spiritual growth.

10. Heather Elise


Designing her programs to help women escape their 9-5's and start their online business career, life coach Heather Elise is known for her ability to design lives, as her business name suggests. Design Your Life Coaching is aimed to help women to turn their ideas into an online full time, money making machine. Helping women step into their power is what Heather is truly passionate about, ever since leaving the corporate world and creating her own successful online businesses. "You must know what your clients want and need in order to be successful. You must also follow your calling," Heather explained. Heather's course is broken down into three main strategies: Foundation, Brand, and Marketing. Through her system, Heather is able to show exactly who you're meant to serve, how to market yourself to them as a leader and ultimately, create success for both you and those you serve. Also hosting her own weekly podcast and YouTube channel, Heather is the go to expert if you're tired of daydreaming about a better life and want the practical steps to create the life you desire.

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