Tone Stith on the “Pandemonium” of Usher’s 8701: The Spark Parade

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The sounds of 1990s and 2000s R&B have always spoken to singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Tone Stith, and Usher’s career-defining third album, 8701, tops his list of favorite projects from that era.

On this episode of The Spark Parade, Stith dives into what makes the record so special. From producing mega-hits like “U Remind Me” and “U Got It Bad” to boasting production from superstars like The Neptunes and Jermaine Dupri, it was destined to be a global smash. That ubiquity made it almost impossible for the album not to find its way into Stith’s heart.

“I remember the pandemonium around Usher as a kid,” he explains. “Hearing it everywhere I went, it was like, I can’t get away from this. I was pretty much forced to like it, on top of the fact that it was really great music.”

Listen to Tone Stith gush over Usher’s 8701 and explore his other influences (including Jazmine Sullivan, Michael Jackson, and Prince) in this episode of The Spark Parade. Please also take the time to like, review, and subscribe to The Spark Parade wherever you get your podcasts, and keep up to date with all our series by following the Consequence Podcast Network.

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Tone Stith on the “Pandemonium” of Usher’s 8701: The Spark Parade
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